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An unexpected visit

Edwin was just chilling in his hotel room, when a knock on the door surprised him. He didn’t expect anyone, so he was more than thrilled when he opened the door. It was his best friend and fuck buddy Jose, who left work early so that he could be with his lover.

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Black orgy in the gym

The thug gang has received reinforcements this week. Just to spice up things a little, we decided to get some old school members like Thugzilla and Phoenix, and throw in some young blood, just to see what happens. The newcomers have to prove themselves worthy so they waste no time getting on their knees and sucking of these hot ebony gay men.

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Hot young love

Ramon and Jake went on a holiday together alone, and no one suspected anything because they’ve been best friends since kindergarten. What people don’t know is that these two young hotties are a couple of ebony gay men who use every spare moment of their lives to mess around with one another. Once they got to the safety of their hotel room, things are gonna get nasty.

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Five black cocks on one white ass

Today black and white action begins as this enthusiastic young white man comes at our door asking for his greatest wish to come true – to get thrown in a nest of stinging black cocks and get all of his holes fucked fiercely. But first it’s time for him to get some practice. He has to get his share of thick dick in his mouth and prove he’s worthy of having his ass rammed by these ebony gay gods.

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Ten inches of joy

When it comes to selecting the top ten hot ebony gay men we ever had the luck to get on camera, TJ must be among them. Just one look at that chocolate sweetness of his body gives us a gigantic boner. This bad ass boy isn’t hesitant to take shirt off and show his shit. There are some nasty scars on his hot torso, so you can tell that TJ had it rough. That just makes him look even hotter.

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Cash for ass

This thug we met before and he’s well known for his readiness to get some cash on the side as he gives an occasional blow job or two. But is he ready to take a step further and receive some ass damage done by nothing less than a white cock? At first he looks really determined to end it with just some tonsil tickling, but you can see the dollar signs in his eyes as we offer him some more cash.

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Easy, Tiger

This week’s delicious surprise goes by the name Tiger and is eager for some ass ramming. The experienced member of the dark thunder crew, Thugzilla, is gonna teach this kid a thing or two. First, it’s time for Tiger to prove how good he is when it comes to cock sucking. He is truly a talent and you can see how much he likes to suck a brother off.

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Wet, soaped and eager

Our hot teen couple, Edwin and Ramon, continue their forbidden love affair in their favorite hideaway place. These two sexy African teens go back to a hotel room to enjoy the pleasures of gay ebony sex. They can’t take their hands off of each others bodies as they engage in a passionate fondling. Edwin takes Ramon’s black mamba in his mouth and sucks him off like a candy bar.

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Among the sex machines

The thug orgy crew is unstoppable as they give us more nasty ebony sex videos on their favorite playground – the gym. There’s T Porn, Thugzilla, Casanova 26 G, Melsogifted, Phoenix and Pretty Boi, the finest o the finest and the proud owners of some of the thickest, longest monster cocks thug orgy has to offer. So they start of with some light warming up, dividing into pairs so every one has a personal trainer of his own. And they’re gonna train them good!

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A cock sucking champion

The two friends, John and Mike were just taking a walk in the woods when they turned from the path to do some exploring. Soon they found themselves lost with no way of coming back. After hours of wandering they finally sat down to rest. Mike admitted to his friend that he’d always had the hots for him, now that they were facing danger he needed to confess it.

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